Component 2

Component 2: Building the stewardship capacity of MOPH and system development (estimated total cost of US$90 million): This component includes:

  • (a)  Strengthening Sub-national Government (provincial health departments) by supporting: i) strengthening sub-national planning and budgeting; ii) strengthening operations and maintenance; and iii) building Provincial Health Directorates’ capacity to undertake their enhanced functions as envisaged in the sub-national governance policy and the provincial budgeting initiative.
  • (b)  Strengthening the Healthcare Financing Directorate through support for the MOPH to undertake analytical work, including the development and testing of appropriate financing models for the sector.
  • (c)  Developing Regulatory Systems and Capacities for Ensuring Quality Pharmaceuticals: Support will be provided to establish and operationalize a regulatory mechanism and quality assurance system for the pharmaceutical sub-sector.
  • (d)  Working with the Private Sector: This will include carrying out analytical work to understand and build knowledge about the potential role for better engagement of the private sector in the provision of health services.
  • (e)  Enhancing Capacity for Improved Hospital Performance: Based on the ongoing hospital assessment, the project will help to design a hospital provider payment mechanism that will enhance accountability of the autonomous hospitals. This sub-component will support the piloting of this new mechanism in two hospitals in Kabul.
  • (f)  Strengthening Human Resources for Health: This sub-component will strengthen the human resources capacities within the MOPH regular civil services staff. Hence, this subcomponent is directly linked with Capacity Building for Results (CBR) program proposal with a focus on ensuring availability of female health workers.
  • (g)  Governance and Social Accountability: This sub-component will support: i) streamlining and simplification of the MOPH internal procedures/processes and; ii) introducing a beneficiary feedback mechanism to enhance social accountability in the health sector. In addition, it will strengthen transparency of the system and communication capacity at MOPH to pro-actively reach out to the general public.
  • (h)  Strengthening Health Information System (HIS) and Use of Information Technology: The project will support key activities such as mainstreaming HIS activities and capacity

development at central and provincial levels along with improving data utilization at different levels of the health sector.
Strengthening Health Promotion and Behavioral Change: This sub-component will strengthen the Health Promotion Unit to implement behavior change campaigns targeting specific behaviors to reduce malnutrition, promoting breastfeeding and appropriate complementary feeding for the children under two years, enhanced skilled and institutional deliveries, hygiene promotion and hand washing, compliance with anti-TB drugs, etc. The final list of behavior change campaigns will be discussed and agreed during project implementation.

Improving Fiduciary Systems: The project will support the MOPH in upgrading the financial management (FM) and procurement system to a web-based system. Improving fiduciary systems would include: i) simplification of payment procedures; ii) capacity building of finance and internal audit staff of the MOPH; iii) accreditation of the procurement department of the MOPH; iv) pilot e-GP (electronic Government Procurement); and v) strengthening of procurement capacity at PHDs.