Kunduz Province Heroes

Exceptional bravery and dedication of staff of the new Kunduz Provincial Hospital 


I have heard that ten staff named below of Kunduz Provinial Hospital voluntarily remained at their posts for two weeks, day and night, to prevent looting and ensure the safeguarding and maintenance of the newly built and equiped hospital. This included the maintaenance of the cold chain to prevent loss of the valuable equipment and drug supplies during periods of power failure. 

I understand that they also displayed conspicuous bravery. Especially in negotiating with both Taliban and the military to safely cross lines of fighting by ambulance to bring in fresh supplies of diesel. This then ensured the continued running of the generator and maintenance of the electrical supply to the hospital. 

This bravery and dedication exemplifies the best of Afghan heroism for the good of society.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one these heroes of our national health service. 



Ferozuddin Feroz

Minister of Public Health 



Number Name of staff member Position
1 Ghulam Hazrat Emergency Nurse
2 Sayeed Hamauon Emergency Nurse
3 Tariq Nurse
4 Mohammad Nabi Technician
5 Jan Agha Technician
6 Noor Mohammad Driver
7 Sarwar Driver
8 Nazar Mohammad Cleaner
9 Ahmad Shah Cleaner
10 Amrullah Cleaner