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Unprecedented surgery performed on a burnt patient at IGICH

Ghulam Nabi- a six-year-old boy with 70 % burn caused by gasoline fire was treated for burns at Indira Gandhi Children's hospital (IGICH). He is the first patient to have survived from a 70 % burn at the hospital.

Habib ur Rahman Qasim, Specialist of pediatric surgery and burn care said that the patient was brought in a critical condition. The patient was in coma with 30 % unburned surface area. The hopelessness for the survival of the patient was very apparent on the faces of his father. They had tears in their eyes and anticipated help from God Almighty and the doctors. I also had not much of a hope for such a third degree burn as it is not an easy task for doctors to manage. There is no previous record of survival from burns with 70% extent in Afghanistan. This is even a terrible case to be managed in the region. However, having full confidence in my team and myself, I was sure that the condition of the patient will improve.

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