Curative Medicine General Directorate

Public consultation: The Clinical Guideline Development Department of General Directorate of Curative Medicine is pleased to make the following guidelines available for download on the internet for open public consultation:

  1. Guidance for Clinical Guideline Development in Afghanistan: Conceptual Framework.
  2. Consensus Guideline: Treatment of Poisoning and Self-harm in Afghanistan Hospitals.
  3. National Guideline for Emergency Services in Afghanistan.

Your inputs will be reviewed by the Guideline Development Group and the relevant points will be considered for inclusion in the guidelines before their publication.

Thank you in advance for your time and comments.

First Guidlines of GDCM

Last Guidlines of GDCM

Protocols of GDCM

We are inviting members of public, our service users, clinicians, health managers and any reader for comments. Please send your comments and suggestions to the following address:

Clinical Guideline Development Department,
General Directorate of Curative Medicine,
Ministry of Public Health,
Wazir Akbar Khan Estate
Kabul, Afghanistan.
Post code: AF-1001
Tel. No. 0093 (20) 2301356
Email address: