Afghan National Public Health Institute

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Public Health

Afghanistan National Public Health Institute




ANPHI is the academic and intellectual body of MoPH which develops HR for public health; coordinates and conducts researches; gathers, and analyzes health data and synthesizes required health information for making and advocating decisions, policies and plans; for the purposes of improving the quality of health system performance and attaining the long term goals of the MoPH.


  1. Established in 1963 with the support from the German Government, but after 25 yrs of fruitful activities, became dormant during the years of war and unrest.


  1. In October 2003, the Post Emergency Public Health Center of Afghanistan (PEPCHA) established via Cooperative Agreement with the National Center for Environmental Health/CDC, which leaded to revival of APHI.


  1. Officially Revived in July 2006 as the academic and intellectual body of MoPH to technically support and serve other departments of the MoPH.


  1. APHI intended to improve the capacity of MoPH in:


  • Training the national public health workforce on modern public health and management,
  • Conducting/ Coordinating Research to assess the existing health situation, health system performances and their impact.
  • Improving disease surveillance and DEWS and timely response,
  • Utilizing data and generating Information for evidence based policy & decision making,


  1. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in this regard with CDC/ HHS USA, in which the Initial collaboration of the partners is focusing in two main areas: MCH and AI preparedness.


  1. APHI consists of the following 5 depts.:



  1. Total Staff positions (Technical, admin and support) of ANPHI is 324; is located on the 3rd floor of the main building of MoPH; its labs are located close to Artal Bridge in the center of the city.