Remorse and regret of the father who didn’t vaccinated his child against polio

Yar Mohammad, a resident of Loya Wali area of Kandahar City refused to vaccinate his child repeatedly against polio when the polio vaccine workers came to his doorstep. When his two-year-old daughter paralyzed by polio, he felt guilty about this daughter’s situation and admitted that he had misperception about the vaccine and now regret his decision. Yar Mohammad said that if he permitted the polio workers to vaccinate his children, now this innocent daughter would not be paralyzed and she would have been protected against this incurable disease.  

Now, Yar Mohammad knows about the reality of polio, an incurable disease which can only be prevented and eradicated by vaccinating all children under the age of five. He goes house to house during the immunization days to encourage the households to bring out all their children for vaccination.

“All parents should be responsible for their children’s health and well-being and protect them against polio by vaccinating them in every round of polio vaccination campaigns,” said Yar Mohammad.

Yar Mohammad’s wife and mother are also working to raise awareness of their neighbors and families about the danger of the polio virus and the importance of vaccination.

Yar Mohammad blames himself for his daughter’s situation. She is unable to stand or walk now, but he’s hopeful that with his persuation, no other child will be paralyzed again by polio virus.