Nine round of polio vaccination campaigns Conducted successfully in 2018

In Afghanistan, during the year 2018, 9 round of polio vaccination campaigns have been conducted successfully. Six out of nine rounds were sub National Immunization Days (sNIDs) for polio eradication in some high risk areas. Three round of the campaigns were National Immunization Days (NIDs) which have been conducted across the country in all provinces.

In each round of the NIDs, around 9.9 million children under five years of age have been targeted, in SNIDs between 4 to 6 million children were targeted.

Conducting house to house polio vaccination campaign is the most effective approach for polio eradication. This approach has been conducted in a lot of the countries where they are now polio free. By conducting house to house polio vaccination campaign, a high percentage of children can be vaccinated and protected against this disease and the virus would not have the chance of circulation. In Afghanistan culture, women might not be able to take their children to vaccination sites if the men of houses are not present, therefore house to house campaign is the best way to vaccinate every child, everywhere, every time.