National Polio Monitoring Findings from Nuristan Province

In order to enhance the quality of polio vaccination campaigns, the programme conducts  monitoring in each round of NIDs and SNIDs before, during and after the campaigns. The monitors at national and provincial level visit the fields in rural areas to observe the gaps, shortages and challenges and collect their findings according to their monitoring checklist and shared with National EOC in order to fix them in the next campaign round.

During November SNIDs, a national monitoring team went to Nuristan province where recently a new polio case has been registered after three years. The monitoring team met with the provincial health officials, visited the home of the polio victim and monitored the activities of polio vaccine workers during the implementing of the campaign.  

The monitor team identified some gaps and challenges, such as: low polio knowledge level of the local team members, missing street boys, missing guest, newborn and sick children from households, unmatching permanent door markings and the lack of efficiency in team distribution.

These findings have been shared with the national team at the post campaign review meeting and necessary measures have been taken to address all challenges.