Framework of Change ant the NEAP 2019

To address specific challenges in the Southern and Eastern regions, the country program has developed and is implementing a Framework of Change for fast tracking polio eradication. Some of the changes include:

1.  A ‘contingency plan’ for polio immunization in inaccessible areas of Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan, to continue dialogues at various levels to remove the ban on vaccination; to place permanent polio vaccination teams around inaccessible areas to vaccinate children coming out or going in inaccessible areas; to add OPV to preplanned measles SIAs; to conduct IPV-OPV vaccination at major population centers to boost immunity; and to conduct site to site vaccination in inaccessible areas (completed in  Kandahar and plans to start in Uruzgan and Helmand as soon as permission is gained).

 2. Streamlining and boosting strategies to address refusals

3. Addressing population on move, particularly in Northern corridor, by implementing northern corridor action plan in coordination with Pakistan. Expansion of age group for polio vaccination (all age group) for people crossing the Afghanistan-Pakistan border at Torkham.

4. EPI strengthening: Strengthening routine immunizations in the seven high risk provinces by mapping out areas left out from EPI plan and providing additional resources for reaching there.

5. Coordinated provision of other services related to health, water & sanitation, nutrition and education in Kandahar focusing on most affected districts; 

In addition, the National Emergency action plan for 2019 is being developed with extensive consultation with provinces, regions, global partners and other stakeholders. This NEAP 2019, incorporates all the interventions of framework of change and beyond.