Fatwa Book on importance of polio vaccine and other preventing vaccines Published

Recently, the Fatwa is being printed to address the importance of vaccination from reliable Islamic resources and prominent Islamic scholars. The Fatwas are translated from Arabic and Urdu languages to Dari and Pashto. This book contains the fatwas from Darul Ulom of Deuband,  Al Azhar University of Egypt, the research center of Alama Qarzawi, Imams of Haramain-e- Sharifain of Saudi Arabia, Darul Ulom Karachi and other prominent Islamic scholars of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

The book highlights that Muslim parents should vaccinate their children against all vaccine preventable diseases including polio. 

In Afghanistan, Ulama supported polio vaccination campaigns and gatherings, calling on the people to protect their children against polio, as it is the Islamic responsibility to ensure children’s right to grow up healthy and protected from vaccine preventable diseases.

According to the Ulama, the parents are unjust if they are neglected and not protected by vaccines. The polio vaccine is completely halal and does not have any negative effects for the children. It is even more important for newborns and sick children to be vaccinated as their antibody and immune systems are weak.