Strategy and Policy

MoPH Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planfor the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) 2011-15 has been developed through a highly participatory process. In addition to the active participation of a multistakeholder Working Group (WG) ably co-chaired by the General Director, Policy and Planning and the Director, Health Economics and Financing, a number of consultations were carried out by the “new” planning team in the Strategic Planning Department. Input was also invited and consensus built at a national workshop held in Kabul on December 2010 from which the following 10 Strategic Directions emerged: 

·         Improve the nutritional status of the Afghan population

·          Strengthen human resource management and development

·          Increase equitable access to quality health services

·          Strengthen the stewardship role of MoPH and governance in the health sector

·          Improve health financing

·          Enhance evidence-based decision making by establishing a culture that uses data for improvement

·          Support regulation and standardization of the private sector to provide quality health services

·          Support health promotion and community empowerment

·          Advocate for and promote healthy environments

·         Create an enabling environment for the production and availability of quality pharmaceuticals.

The Working Group actively consulted with relevant departments and organizations within and outside of MoPH in the further development of the Strategic Directions.

The mission, vision and values were reviewed and revised from previous policy documents including the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS), Health and Nutrition Sector Strategy (HNSS) 2008-2013 and the National Health Policy 2005-2009, taking into consideration current needs and issues. When developing the Strategic Directions that include Strategic Objectives and Priority Interventions for the next five years, contributors were guided to build on existing strengths of the MoPH, lessons learned, strategies and existing indicators. They were also asked to keep in mind the following questions when developing their Priority Interventions under each Strategic Direction:

·         Will they assist us to achieve our vision?

·         Will they contribute toward important desired results/outcomes; (particularly the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) such as reducing maternal mortality and under 5 mortality)?

·         Will they enable us to maintain donor interest and commitment?

·         Will they assist us in moving toward a quality health system?

·         Can we likely achieve this within the next 5 years?

This document is designed to be practical, user-friendly and to be actively used by MoPH management and staff and related stakeholders, to guide them in their operational/work planning processes over the next five years.

The Strategic Plan is intended to build on and be complementary to the Health and Nutrition Survey (HNSS) 2008-2013. For that reason much of the data and the issues have not been repeated here.

A process and templates have been designed to enable priority-setting within each Strategic Direction, and the integration and use of the Strategic Plan in operational planning (annual work planning) processes at both central and provincial levels. In addition, a high-level performance measurement framework with accountabilities has been developed (attached in Appendix A), using a participatory process, to facilitate and monitor the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

The diagram below depicts the key elements of the Strategic Plan of the MoPH 2011-2015.

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