TVET-MIS is a Statistical System which capture statistical data
(To survive in the modern competitive world information is needed and MIS is the only source)

TVET-MIS is capturing Students and Teachers Data

Students and Teachers Data by Grade, By Geneer, By Sector and Trade, By Qualification, By Institute/School wise

TVET-MIS is Capturing Infrastructure information

Institute/School building, surronding wall, Available assets, and other Institute/School infarstructural information, By Institute/School wise.

Easy to download Statistical data at different level, National, Provincial

The Statistical Report Section is having different level to download required data by just clicks and second.


TVET-MIS is established at 2014 and managed under supervision of Plan and Evaluation Directorate with a distinguished team. The team is responsible for the management of data collection, data preparation and processing, data reporting and dissemination, whilst working in close coordination with vocational centres, provincial departments, the wider Education Management Information System (EMIS) and a range of related stakeholders.
For the first time, the TVET-MIS statistical Report of 2015 was successfully published and released in the year 2016. . The report contains some fundamental information regarding formal TVET. For More Details ( National Statistical Report on Formal TVET).
Plan and Evaluation Directorate is committed to continue annual publications of Statistical Reports on.

Ms in Policy and Plan

- Mr. Jalaludin Ataye / Director for Plan and Evaluation, TVET-A

Ms in Software Engineering

- Obaid Ullah/ MIS-Specialist/Database Developer and Programmer

Bs in Computer Application

- Abdul Satar/ Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Technical 14 Grade Certificate in Education

- Nadir Morwat/ Reporting Officer

Vocational 14 Grade Certificate in Education

- Asif Rezaye/ Statistical officer

Vocational 14 Grade Certificate in Education

- Hashmatullah Ismail/ Infrastructure officer